Jewelry Repairs

Do you have a piece of jewelry that needs to be repaired? Johnsen Diamond takes pride in repairing your jewelry in our on-site repair shop.  Whether you have a broken chain that needs to be repaired or an engagement ring that needs to be sized Johnsen Diamond can provide you with excellent repair service. All repairs are done by our Master Jeweler.

Our Repair Process is as follows:

1. We professionally inspect your jewelry using our 10x magnified jeweler's loop to determine necessary repairs that we may need to perform.

2.  After inspection we will provide you with a detailed estimate for your approval.

3. Once approved we will perform the repair to your jewelry item.  If you call for an appointment we will be glad to perform the repair on the same day while you wait.  If you prefer you are also more than welcome to be with your item and actually watch our jeweler work on your jewelry.  You are also welcome to drop off your item during normal business hours and we can give you a call once the repair is ready.

4.  After the item has been repaired we always polish and rhodium (rhodium plating is done to all white gold items) your jewelry so that it looks like it did the day it was new. 

5.  Your item is then professionally cleaned in our ultrasonic cleaner.

6.  Finally your item is inspected once more for quality control and returned back to you once it has passed the inspection.


Types of Jewelry Repairs That Johnsen Diamond Offers:

Ring Sizings

Broken Chain Repairs

Tennis Bracelet Repairs and Shortening

Earring Post Repairs

Clasp Repairs on Necklaces and Bracelets

Engraving Services: Laser and Hand Engraving

Jewelry Refurbishing, Polishing and Cleaning

Diamond and Gemstone Replacement

Prong Rebuilding

Replacement of Center Stone Heads and Settings

Laser Welding of Intricate Jewelry Items

Customization of Jewelry Items

Half and Full Ring Shank Replacements

Broken Ring Shank Repairs and Soldering

Lost Earring Backs

Remount Diamonds and Gemstones into New Items

Update Old Styles

Tighten Loose Diamonds and Gemstones

Watch Battery Replacements

Watch Automatic Overhauls

Watch Refurbishing and Polishing

Sterling Silver Cleaning and Polishing

Johnsen Diamond has a full service jewelry repair shop.  Please feel free to give us a call or stop by today for all your jewelry repair needs.