Why Johnsen Diamond



We buy our diamonds direct from diamond manufacturers
We cut out the middleman and buy straight from the source. This allows us to be extremely competitive against any retailer or online diamond website as we are able to keep the unwanted mark ups along the buying process to a minimum. Because of this, we are able to sell at the same prices many jewelers get their diamonds for.

We are part of the diamond trading market
This allows our selection to be endless.  Currently, there are over 1.6 million diamonds to choose from at every size, quality range, and shape imaginable. Whether you are looking for a .50ct princess cut or a 15ct round brilliant cut we can fulfill your diamond needs.

Johnsen Diamond is an independent jeweler
We are not working off a normal retailer margin or a corporate pricing structure.  We can do many things differently than these types of establishments to ensure you get the most for your money and best of all; better pricing.

We are experts in diamonds
There are many more variables besides just the Four C’s in diamond buying.  We can educate you on them and help guide you to get the best diamond for your money.

Found a diamond you like online?
Before you buy it without seeing it in person, chances are we can get the exact diamond in our hands. We are happy to educate you on the diamond and show you each characteristic of the diamond. We will most likely beat the price you found it for, but keep in mind you have absolutely no obligation to buy from us.

Feel free to stop in anytime, give us a call or email us with any questions you may have.