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  • 5 Facts about the Kaleidoscope of Gems, the Opal. View Post
  • What is Rose Gold?

    Rose gold is a romantic color of gold and looks beautiful with a variety of stones set in it such as morganite, watermelon tourmaline and of course, diamonds. Over the past few years, we've seen an increase in rose gold jewelry purchases. But do you know what gives rose gold it's rosy hue? Rose g... View Post
  • Rhodium Plating is a process that jewelers use to make white gold have a bright white finish.  During any repair to a white gold piece it necessary to rhodium plate the item.  Also over time rhodium can wear off and make the item look a little dull or have a yellow tint from the gold showing through.  We can simply clean and polish the item and dip the item in rhodium using an electric current and make it bright white again. View Post